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Looks like a real nail-biter, doesn't it?!?

Behind The Scenes:
"Countdown to The Cape" (meet the cast!)
The Premier:
A 2-hour premier with a riveting plot. (Kurt in background)
The Weekly Series:
(9/16/96) "In Friends We Trust" (Kurt on cutting room floor)
(9/23/96) "No Fear" (Kurt in foreground!!!)
(9/30/96) "Just A Rumor"
(10/7/96) "Play Astronaut For Me"
(10/14/96) "Lost In Space"
(10/21/96) "Family Values"
(10/28/96) "Buried In Peace" (Kurt on cutting room floor, again)
(11/4/96) "The Need to Know"
(11/11/96) "Reggie's Wild Ride"
(11/18/96) "Burning Fuse"
(11/25/96) "Judgement Call"
(12/2/96) Replay of "In Friends We Trust" (Kurt on cutting room floor)
(12/9/96) Replay of "No Fear" (Kurt in foreground!!!)
(12/16/96) Replay of "Just A Rumor"
(12/23/96) Replay of "Play Astronaut For Me"
(12/30/96) "The Accusation"
(1/6/97) Replay of Premier: Part One
(1/13/97) Replay of Premier: Part Two
(1/20/97) Replay of "Lost In Space"
(1/27/97) "Interpretations"
(2/3/97) "Hurricane"
(2/10/97) "The Last to Know"
(2/17/97) "The Astronaut Formerly Known as Prince"
(2/24/97) "Enemy Within"
(3/3/97) Replay of "Family Values"
(3/10/97) Replay of "Buried In Peace"
(3/24/97) Replay of "The Need To Know"
(3/31/97) Replay of "Reggie's Wild Ride"
(4/7/97) Replay of "Burning Fuse"
(4/12/97) "Just Like Old Times"
(4/14/97) Replay of "Judgement Call"
(4/21/97) Replay of "The Accusation"
(4/28/97) "Mir Mir Off The Wall: Part One"
(5/5/97) "Mir Mir Off The Wall: Part Two"

Here's what TV-Guide had to say about "The Cape"


It's got stars. It's got sand. But The Cape, which blasted off the week of September 2, is "not Baywatch in space," says Corbin Bernsen (L.A. Law), who plays top gun Henry "Bull" Eckert, director of the training program at Florida's Kennedy Space Center. The new drama about the lives and loves of astronauts and trainees does have hunks on the beach, since it's shot on location at and around Cape Canaveral. But it also has accurate space scenes, thanks to the help of consultant Buzz Aldrin and hard work from the actors-turned-astronauts. "On my first day, I was suspended in the air with wires and bungee cords," says Tyra Ferrell ("Boyz N the Hood"), who plays mission specialist Tamara St. James. "They don't let you go up just because you're cute." Of course, they don't ground you for being cute either, and that's good news for the crew, which includes Cameron Bancroft (Beverly Hills, 90210), Bobbie Phillips (Murder One), and Adam Baldwin ("Independence Day").

Here's The Cape's entry in a terrific entertainment database that's updated and corrected by people like you and me!

It's called The Internet Movie Database

Show Cancelled?!?!???

Central Florida mourns the loss of a 'not-so-bad' show.

Here's a group of people that are trying to get the show back on the air. Best of luck, Tom and gang!! (Check out their 'Save The Cape' page!!)

Why am I so interested in this TV Show?
The Cape's production crew asked for badged Kennedy Space Center (KSC) employees to volunteer to be extras for the scenes that were filmed on site at KSC. I, of course, volunteered and was hooked instantly. I've filmed a number of scenes in a number of different episodes so far (but have only been spotted in a couple scenes). I've always been fascinated with the motion picture/television world, almost as much as I've been fascinated with the space program!

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